Helgkurs i järnsmide

Helgkurs i järnsmide

Lär dig grunderna eller fördjupa dig i smide under en helgkurs.

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Förarintyg för kollodeltagare

Now, as a sailboat on Elmy, Lova or Shamrock, you have the opportunity to take the driver’s certificate at Skeppsholmsgården. During two weekends in February we meet and learn the basics of navigation. After the course you will have enough knowledge to write the exam (not done during the course).

During the course you will learn how to read and understand charts, post courses and determine your position. We also go through weighing rules and maritime safety. Other important elements of the course are safety, environment, weather and those who are responsible for something happening. We talk a lot about electronic navigation, GPS, which almost everyone has today. We see how it looks like Lova and Shamrock.


Practical information

Date:  11, 12, 18, 19 February
Time: 10-16
Examination time: Not determined
Lunch:  Bring lunchbox (micro available).
Price for the course:  1000 kr. (For those who sailed with us 2016), the other 1500 kr. This includes a book package with a textbook, exercise book, passport, carrier, ruler and chart.
Examination  fee : 450 SEK (payable to the examiner)
Teacher: Jonathan Ekholm 076 – 265 70 09.



Right now we do not have a course for package participants. See our regular driver’s certificate course .